Prabhas’ Knee Injury: Actor Undergoes Surgery, Takes Time Off to Heal

Prabhas’ Knee Injury: Prabhas, one of India’s most prominent film stars, has reportedly undergone knee surgery in Europe, necessitating a 15-day hiatus from his professional commitments to recuperate.

Reports suggest that Prabhas sustained a knee injury while filming the epic “Baahubali: The Beginning” in 2015. Despite enduring persistent discomfort, he soldiered on with his work. However, upon the advice of medical experts, he opted for surgery to ensure a complete and thorough recovery.


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Prabhas’ legion of devoted fans has inundated social media platforms with well-wishes and expressions of support for the actor. They have lauded his unwavering work ethic and dedication while extending their hopes for a swift and full recovery.

Before undergoing surgery, Prabhas conscientiously fulfilled his major work obligations, including the forthcoming film “Salaar.” Originally slated for release this month, the film’s debut has been postponed due to remaining post-production tasks, with the new release date awaiting announcement.

In addition to “Salaar,” Prabhas is currently engaged in the filming of the sci-fi feature “Kalki 2898 AD,” a star-studded project featuring Deepika Padukone, Kamal Haasan, Amitabh Bachchan, and Disha Patani. Furthermore, he has projects like “Spirit” and a Telugu comedy film in collaboration with director Maruthi on his upcoming slate.

Our sincere wishes for a speedy recovery are extended to Prabhas, and we eagerly anticipate his return to the silver screen, where his talent continues to captivate audiences.

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