US Debt Ceiling news: Bill to increase the debt limit passed in America, most of the members of both the parties supported this bill

US Debt Ceiling news : Now the danger of bankruptcy from America has been averted. The US Congress on Wednesday passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling five days ahead of the deadline set by the Treasury. Let us tell you that June 5 was the last date for increasing the US Debt Ceiling. If America had not increased the debt limit, America would have gone bankrupt for the first time in history. 

Debt ceiling vote : Majority of the members from both the parties supported this bill. Democrats supported the bill 165-46. While Republicans supported this bill by 149-71 votes.

🚨 Statement from Chairman @RepWesterman celebrating historic permitting reform wins.

Read the full statement here:

— House Committee on Natural Resources (@NatResources) June 1, 2023

After passing this bill, Natural Resources Chairman Bruce Westerman has issued an official statement, he said that “On top of cutting spending, clawing back Covid funds and several other conservative victories, this is the biggest permitting win we’ve accomplished in decades. Lengthy review processes are costing the American taxpayer trillions of dollars just on public infrastructure projects, not to mention the unknown costs of delayed energy and mining production and lost jobs. By fixing the root cause of our issues – cumbersome and outdated permitting regulations – we are giving every American cause to celebrate. The only people who stand to lose are the serial litigants that have lined their pockets by weaponizing environmental laws for their own personal gain. This legislation slashes bureaucratic red tape that has held communities back for years. I’m honored to have championed the BUILDER Act in our committee both on its own and as part of H.R. 1. I look forward to coming back to the negotiating table in a bipartisan manner to enact even more reforms and drive our nation forward.”

President Biden and Senator Schumer demanded a “clean debt limit,” which really means more taxes and more spending. But that’s not what the American people wanted, or our Founders envisioned, or what Republicans were going to allow.

— Kevin McCarthy (@SpeakerMcCarthy) June 1, 2023

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